What do we do?

So what sort of projects is Serve the City involved in? Our starting point is that we help where help is required. Our projects our small scale, personal, and always with a concrete goal.  That goal could be ‘deliver a cozy afternoon for elderly’, ‘bake pancakes for kids’, ‘paint a living room’, or ‘spoil tram conductors for the day’.


For Serve the City-days we are always looking for a good mix of a DIY project, social activity, and something surprising.  This way every volunteer can find something that suits their drive or motivation as to why they want to volunteer.


We also want to help all sorts of people regardless of age, background, education, religion, and race – this is not of importance to us; we want to help everybody!


An important question is, however, what can we help you with? Our motto is ‘we know them by their needs; what if we know them by their name?’


We organise several ‘Serve the City-days’ per year. And you can sign up for one of these projects in advance. For more information you can send an email and/or subscribe to our newsletter.