Join our Team!

Thanks for joining Serve the City. There are different ways to participate;

As a Volunteer

Without volunteers there is no Serve the City Diemen! Volunteers are of crucial importance to Serve the City; they are the ones that do the actual work.

If you want to contribute to Serve the City Diemen, you can look on our website for more details about when projects are happening. If you find a project you like, please sign up quickly by leaving your name, email address, and telephone number on the digital form.
You will then be contacted by the project leader and given more practical information about the project so that you know exactly where to go and what to expect.

Quite often it happens that the majority of volunteers do not know each other before they start a project.  Connections and friendships are easily made with other volunteers when working on a project together.

Of course you can join with a group of friends, colleagues or roommates to participate in a project. Get to know each other in a different way!

As a Project Leader

Every project has its own project leader. As project leader you keep in touch with the organization to which we deliver a project. The leadership team of Serve the City will be the first to contact the organization that we are going to help. It is then already clear what day the project will take place on and what it will involve. As project leader you contact the organization to put into action the agreed plans. What time are the volunteers expected? What are the tasks? Will there be a lunch for the volunteers? That sort of information. You will receive a checklist from the lead team. Of course you can phone the organization, but sometimes a face-to-face meeting/visit is just better. The project leader writes a project description on our website using a standard template. And then it is just a matter of waiting for volunteers to subscribe!

On the day itself you keep an overview to see if everything is running as to what was agreed. And after the Serve the City-day has finished you contact the organization to discuss if everything has gone ok for them. Project leaders have just that little bit more involvement and responsibility than the volunteers. It is not a lot of work, but fun to do.

Would you like to get involved as a project leader? Or would you like more information? Send an email to You are always welcome!

As a Sponsor

You can sponsor us in all sorts of ways, whether small or large contributions, either in the shape of a donation, or offering your network or facilities for one of our initiatives. This way you can contribute and help Serve the City. Contact one of our members of the lead team via to share this with us.